The No-Fluff Solution to Becoming a

Six-Figure Designer

Bankable Brands is a 10-week accelerator for graphic/web designers who want to attract their ideal clients, consistently sell high four-figure packages and position themselves as experts

It's Not You...It's Your Strategy.

Many graphic and web designers waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on programs trying to figure out how to build businesses that will attract their ideal clients, position them as experts and consistently sell high-end packages and free them from having to work around the clock for pennies - from educators who know nothing about design.


We end up spending years running our business on borrowed strategies that just don’t seem to fit the way we truly speak to and convert clients. 

It's time to stop...


Blindly copying strategy and reaching for what the most popular creatives are doing.


Having to settle by selling ridiculously discounted offers that only result in resentment just to make ends meet.

Continuing to operate without a customized strategy will leave you overworked, overwhelmed and stuck on the sidelines of your own business!

Discounting your prices even though you have years of experience.

Losing control over projects, which drains your creative energy and results in projects that seem to have no end in sight

Lack confidence and struggle to stand-out and position yourself as industry expert.

Stuck at the beginning stages of your business but know you are an expert + are ready to finally be paid like one.


Tap into the mindset needed to become a six-figure designer and start selling consistently!

Create an offer + process that gets clients out the door faster without being attached to your computer 24/7!

Step out of the shadows of being just another designer and create opportunities that positions you the go-to expert that you are!

Develop a signature package and marketing strategy that consistently attracts your ideal clients that are ready to pay your rate!


I understand exactly what it feels like to be overlooked and underbooked!

Just four years ago, after creating a campaign for my full-time job that resulted in over $12k in sales and receiving not as much as a "thank you", I left to start 

The Emma Rose Agency. I had ZERO leads, ZERO money and ZERO graphic/web design experience. 

After years of feeling my way around in the dark, having to settle for clients who nickel and dime'd my prices, and feeling like a slave to my computer.

I realized that something had to change...and FAST!


I was working with clients who were not willing to pay premium prices.

I was NOT consistently generating leads.

I was overworking myself and spending way too much time getting project out the door.

At that moment, I decided to spend as much time working ON my business as I did working IN my business!


Tripled my 2019 revenue in less than 6 months!

Reached six-figures  in sales in 3 months!

Expert features in online international publications!

If You Want REAL Results Like This...

It’s Time To Stop Piecing Together Borrowed Strategy & Truly Build a Bankable Brand!

I have created a program that teaches you everything you need to know in order to position yourself as a high-end design & completely transform how your business performs from the inside out!

“During a pandemic, I had my highest month in sales!”

Before Bankable Brands I was struggling to package my services into a high ticket offer that made sense for me.


 I was tired of watching so many of my peers step into their excellence and knew that with the right guidance, it could be possible for me as well!

After Bankable Brands I was able to experience an $8k banked month, the highest I've had in my design business thus far, during a global pandemic mind you! 


"Bankable Brands is the best investment I've ever made."

Tiffany changed the game for me!

 The amount of clarity and confidence I have now as a business owner is a complete 180!


The amount of information in the workbook is INSANE but the amount of support we get in the in FB Group and 1:1’s is so good.


It’s clear that Tiffany not only knows what she is talking about but she’s super invested in your business and who you are and getting you ready to see results.

"I'm confidently charging 4x my previous rate now!"

Before Bankable Brands, I was struggling to manage my workload due to accepting any request that came my way. Since completing Bankable Brands, I have gone from having a side hustle to legally creating my business

I am confidently charging four times my previous rate and delivering four times the experience for my client. Bankable Brands is the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself, not only as a business owner but as a woman.



Stop Focusing on How Much You Want to Charge!


Being a High-End Designer is about

Having a High-End Experience!

Typically graphic/web designers fail in their efforts to become 6-figure designers because they put too much focus on building their portfolio (what their audience sees) but not enough on positioning + promoting their process (what their audience experiences). 

Instead of building a high-end experience they focus on:

selling a la carte offers

becoming a better designer

growing their social media following

building exposure through free work

You actually don’t need to do any of these things...You need the Predictable Profit™ Strategy! 

Positioning yourself as one of the go-to in the industry does not happen by chance. If you want specific results, you must then commit to niching down a powerful promise that will cause your clients to take you and your prices seriously. 

As visual creators, we can get too caught up in emotional connection towards what we make and neglect what it really is that our clients are really looking to hear from us - how we can use our passion to help them create a winning digital presence. 

Comparing yourself to other designers  can take your focus off of truly understanding what it takes for YOUR business to see results. It's time that you find joy and run the race that hasn't been determined by anyone else but YOU!

When you operate your design business without a customized process to alleviate your client's pain points - you constantly have to recreate the wheel and leave room for your business to operate on someone else's terms.



a 10-week mastermind for graphic/web designers who want to attract their ideal client, consistently sell high four-figure packages + position themselves as experts.

"I booked my first $7.5k design client!"

 Bankable Brands has seriously impacted my business - it’s given me confidence, clarity and the framework to help my business run on auto-pilot, which is exactly what you need to scale your business to six-figures.

If you need somebody to take you from where you are in your business and create a foundation to where your business can scale…Bankable Brands is exactly what you need!


"5-figure months, and peace of mind!" 

Before Bankable Brands I was burnt out and ready to quit design. I was struggling getting the RIGHT clients and not just taking money to say I made it. Tiffany was able to encourage me where I was, help me to see what was possible, and help me create a realistic plan for improvement.

Regardless of where you are in your business, how experienced you are or are not, your business NEEDS this!


"I've consistently had 5-figures months!"

This time last year, I was completely broke. Then, I decided to speak to God! I wanted a life without struggle. Then Tiffany popped up with Bankable Brands. Since Bankable Brands I have consistently made $10 - $15k a month.

A month has not gone by without making that! I was also able to close a high-figure package via social media after 8 months of not posting! 


What You'll Learn in

Bankable Brands

Module 01

WEEK OF 01/11


High-End Brand

In Module One, you will learn how to breakthrough any self-imposed limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck surrounding your success and create an undeniable high-end niche brand that will plan and reach your

Q4 personal and revenue goals.

Module 02

WEEK OF 01/18


Signature Offer

In Module Two, you will take an in-depth look at your audience like never before, solidify your high four-figure signature package (that clients actually want) and create targeted and clear messaging that will convert to sales.

Module 03

WEEK OF 02/01


Spark Method

In Module Three, you will learn how to create a results-driven framework that will not only elevate your overall client experience but allow you to take back the power of running your design business on your own terms with every project you book.

Module 04

WEEK OF 02/08


the Overwhelm

In Module Four, you will learn how to uncover and establish signature systems that will increase your overall performance and project turn-around time - while decreasing stress and overwhelm.

Module 05

WEEK OF 02/22


Your Specialty

In Module Five, you will learn what it takes to create a profitable promotion plan using your website and current social media following, that will increase your visibility and truly position you as an expert. 

Module 06

WEEK OF 03/01


Simply Sell System

In Module Six, you will learn my proven strategy to overcome the fear of sales calls and how to consistently sell high four-figure packages with no matter your social media following with confidence and clarity.


Let's Get Started!

Choose the Bankable Brands Plan That Works The Best For You



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"Before Bankable Brands I never sold packages over $ I'm booking $5k clients!"

"Before Bankable Brands, knew that I knew that I was capable of helping brands show up well online but had no clear direction to market to them. I struggled to sell $700 packages and work with clients I actually enjoyed. After Bankable Brands, I am completely booked out for the year and feel...."[listen to her story to learn more].


"I had my highest grossing month ever during a global pandemic!"

"Before Bankable Brands, my brand didn't have any structure! It was all over the place. I was just helping anyone who needed a website...and it drained me! I wasn't consistently booking clients and I never had a client over $1k. I felt like I was running a hobby instead of operating a business."

"After building a streamlined process, that my clients now rave about, I have booked clients consistently at $5k"...[listen to her story to learn more].




Are you struggling with getting on the phone with potential clients? Do you find yourself breaking out in a sweat when following up after your sales calls? Or maybe you struggle with what do do immediately after you've signed a client to maintain their trust and excitement. 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Bankable Blueprints is going to become your best friend! 


My Top 3 Sales & Support Tools

Confident Consultation Scripts

Sales Call Follow-up Email Swipe Files

Access to My Personal Trello Board Template

Blow Your Mind!

Bonuses that will

VALUE OF $1,500



Have you been following me on Instagram and eyeing the dynamic deliverables that I design for my rebranding clients and wondering how you can get your hands on them to save them in the design process and improve your client experience...well ALL of them are totally up for grabs!

You Get Access to SIX template sets!

• Ideal Client Profile Set

• Brand Aesthetic Direction Set

• Logo Presentation Set

• Photoshoot Strategy Set

• Instagram Styling Audit Set

• Brand Style Guide Set

VALUE OF $3,500

Bonafide Bank Masterclasses

As if the 100+ page curriculum isn't enough, over the past four rounds of Bankable Brands, I hosted Money Masterclasses that zero in and provide additional strategy for the more difficult aspects  of becoming a

six-figure designer. This is over 10 hours of content that you don't want to miss!

• Predictable Profit™

• Conversion Confidence

• Teach Me Trello™

• Specific Not Small

• Your 2020 Mindset

• Bonafide Bank

The Most Amazing 

Design Community, period!

Being vulnerable is a requirement to experiencing change in your design business. Over the next 10-weeks you will be challenged to think in ways that you never had, which may bring up feelings that you've never experienced. I've created a safe-space, within our private Facebook group, where you can get advice and develop relationships with designers who have been through the accelerator as well as those in your cohort. We share our wins, learn from our struggles and support each other through it all!


"Bankable Brands changed my life."

"Before Bankable Brands, I had some clients and built some relationships but I didn't have the strategies and processes in place to take my business to the next level."

"After Bankable Brands, not only has my business changed...but I have changed. I've completely changed the narrative of my business and have created predictable profit..."[listen to her story to learn more.]


"My favorite part of Bankable Brands was working with Tiffany!"

"Before Bankable Brands, I was in another coaching program but I didn't have a present coach - I didn't have a coach that cared about my success."

" I thought (my previous experience) was how coaches were. Tiffany is constantly present in our business even though we're not working with you after the cohort ends."

Are You Ready to 

Become Bankable?!

This is an invitation for you to break through the glass ceiling and start experiencing HUGE results! All you need to do is trust yourself and join - I'll be here to support you through the entire journey.