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Creative at Heart Conference Memphis: A Life Vest for Creatives

There is such an amazing feeling that I have at thirty thousand feet after experiencing the most heart- centered and intentional weekend of my business life. If I am being honest, there were doubts, fears, voices in my head telling me that maybe that isn’t the right fit. Perhaps this is an arena where you wouldn’t be understand or accepted.

Here's to the Creatives Welcome Bags

Oh how our mind works. Sometimes I wish there was a switch conveniently located at the base of my neck that would allow me to permanently switch off those voices. They scream so loud at times that I can’t even here myself think. Completely engulfing every thought of positivity and motivation, lost in its sea of dream killing.

You are Not a Fraud postcard

See I know how to swim, and swim well. If there was ever a time where I was actually caught in a large body of water and the meaning between life and death meant swimming miles and miles to shore…I’d surely come out on the other side. Exhausted. Cold. But safely on the shore knowing that the worst (for now) was over.

Friends, I can’t out swim the negative ocean in my head. One small thought and I’m twenty feet down and quickly sinking towards the bottom. Only able to look at the surface, where the sunlight peeks through. But truly never really thinking I’d be able to feel its warmth and security once again.

Creative at Heart Mentor Session

This weekend. I found my life vest. Something that would forever give me tools to find the sunlight again and to keep me from sinking. I found people who were willing to dive below the surface and help pull me up and into their small but mighty safety raft and guide me back to shore.

I will be forever grateful for this weekend. Forever in debt to the stories that women like Monique Melton and Katelyn James were so willing to so open share. Personal stories..the ones that aren't wrapped in pretty bows but instead rooted in struggle and opposition. Just so that I and the other eighty or so women would leave with a sense of belonging. With the knowledge that our stories, our lives, our experiences…no matter how hard…do not make the final decision in who we are and are to become.

The EmmaRose Agency and Brittany Collier

This conference was unknowingly crafted specifically for me. Was was waiting for me to add only the ingredients that I possess to create the most indulgent, creative experience for me as a small business owner. Bringing my first year in business to close, excited and energized for 2017. Creative at Heart, I thank you!

Creative at Heart Memphis Group Photo

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