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Four Keys to A Cohesive Brand

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Okay, so you’re probably ready for me to jump right into the content, right?! Of course you are! But first I have to lay the foundation. Like anything sustainable, there is almost always a strong set of outlines given.

Think about your favorite cupcakes..a little off topic but humor me for a moment. You couldn’t just dive right into making those delicious Funfetti, buttercream, calorie-latent pillows of heaven if you didn’t first gather the ingredients, and carefully read and follow the recipe, right?!

Whether or not you're rolling up your sleeves and creating your brand presence on your own or you’ve hired a professional, thinking about how your brand is perceived in the mind’s of your target audience is extremely important. At the Agency, we focus on creating and enhancing the visual perception of our clients have.....but to say that we start and stop at “making things pretty” is certainly not the case.

Ultimately creating a powerful face for your brand can have a direct impact on how well your business is received by your audience. A cohesive brand presence isn’t just about creating pretty mood boards and complimentary color palettes. Cohesiveness creates trust. Trust translates into loyal customers. can you create a cohesive brand that will (1) build trust and (2) develop a group of loyal customers that will go out and spread the word about your amazing say?! I’m glad you asked. You must remember the Four P’s: Purpose, Palette, Photography, and Platform.

  1. PURPOSE: The driving force behind creating amazing visuals begins with your definition of why you are in business. Did you know that 1 in 3 businesses fail within their first year? It is my belief that this statistic is alarmingly high because business owners do not take the time to define their purpose; their sole motivation behind bringing their passion into the world. Only once you’ve set your intentions…the visual cohesion can begin.

  2. PALETTE: This is what you’ve been waiting for. The fun part! Your color palette is by far one of the most important parts of your brand’s visual presence. This is not new information by any means! But what you may not have thought of is “Why do I need 4-5 colors to translate across my brand?” Again, I’m so glad you asked (you’re questions are so on point by the way!) and the short answer is because in this visually driven world, photography matters!

  3. PHOTOGRAPHY: If you ask me, photography is the reason my brand has skyrocketed in the last six months. There is something magical about bringing together a beautiful color palette and telling a story with out word. Think about it..thats exactly what a photo is. The heart and soul of a beautiful narrative.

  4. PLATFORM: The secret to all of this. Building a brand…attracting an audience...crazy good story-telling is that story across the right platforms. Think about this: How many times, have you as a consumer, been attracted to a product and/or service solely based on the the consistency of their how it looks? Ladies…be honest! :) There are by far, hundreds if not thousands of brands competing for the attention of your potential clients at any given time. So why would they choose you? This decision is mostly based on whether or not they can immediately identify with your brand + find room for it in their lifestyle. Allow the cohesion of your brand speak for itself. Across your website, social media accounts and overall messaging.

Ready to start the branding process? Well I am here for you and would love to offer a FREE consultation. Zero obligation at all but I must clients and I have a blast! Check out our latest branding portfolio here!

Send me an email at: -or- follow on Instagram here :)

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