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Behind The Brand: Charming Grace Events

Kicking off a new series, here on the blog, to highlight my amazing clients! And I am calling it Behind The you an inside look at my clients + the projects that they've given me to opportunity to design for them!

So sit back, grab your favorite mug (or wine glass) and enjoy!


When a super-sweet red head emails you with the subject line “Branding Nightmare…HELP!” you pull over and immediately respond. Yes, I know…checking your email while driving is a big no-no but could you blame me?!

Brandi Erhard, owner of Charming Grace Events, and I casually met at the ‘Tassels n’ Truffles’ inaugural workshop last summer. Surrounded by beautiful decor, amazing rentals from White Glove Rentals and of course lots and lots of coffee.

With any networking event, mustering up the courage to chat with other creative entrepreneur is no easy task. Small talk usually takes over the conversation until branding enters and I begin to word vomit all things strategies, design and visual presence.

At the time Brandi was already in the midst of a brand refresh but none the less, we promised to reconnect soon. The power of branding brought us back together late last year with the panic-stricken email of a horrible branding experience. We set a date to meet, chatted for almost three hours…and we’ve been at work building the new face of CGE ever since.


All of my branding projects begin with a conversation. And a pretty long one at that.

Digging deep into the concept of increasing a visual presence is tedious + thrilling work.

Breaking the mold, stepping outside of the box and reshaping the idea of what branding actually is, serves as the foundation for amazing design. Not the other way around.

With each and every client, I follow the same process of creating an ideal client outline, a custom mood board and finally delivery of the brand identity board. To download The Brand Passion Guide which outlines this process, in detail, click here!


The Charming Grace brand is one of classic beauty, elegance and a ton of fun! After meeting Brandi I knew that there was a very specific client that she wanted to attract…which I named The Charming Girl & The Grace Girl. She has a hint of southern charm paired with a big city attitude.

As we moved to the mood board, the direction that would fit not only Brandi’s personalty + taste but that of her target audience as well was so clear! Soft blues, muted peach and hints of grey, made for a beautiful first look of what the brand would evolve into.

Fast forward two weeks and ‘Viola’…the new face of Charming Grace Events was created. To be 100% honest as I finalized each detail, I grew sad. Not because it wasn’t what I hoped it would be but because this was not MY brand. I completely fell in love with each aspect of this classic yet trendy identity…that it made me think about going through another redesign myself. :)

I am so incredibly blessed to work with such amazing womenpreneurs such as Brandi! Bringing the vision for her brand has been an absolute pleasure.

Honestly, each and every brand I work with is a joy and there is an overwhelming amount of gratitude and accomplishment that I receive with each project. If you are thinking of increasing the visual presence of your brand with a beautiful identity, but don’t know where to start, feel free to contact me!

Tell me what you think about the Charming Grace Events identity below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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