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Three Things to Consider Before Working with a Brand Designer

The wide world of branding. Seems a bit intimating, doesn’t it. All of the options a business owner has to choose from is never ending. There are hundreds of designers and even more packages associated with how your brand can come to life! And after a few consultations you may be more confused as when you started. It can be a completely whirlwind!

In the same respect, as you can imagine running a business, requires a lot of effort and energy in actually getting you on the phone. Whether we hate it or love it, your sale matters. On the road to to becoming a scalable business, we as small business owners, take on the responsibility of being a complete sales team of ONE! Coming up with attractive yet heart-centered marketing strategies, developing the messaging and finally being the sales(wo)man; speaking directly with YOU, the potential clients for the even exchange of money and services.

Trust, me. I’m not discouraging the right to “shop around”. Rather, I think that there are a few areas that could not only help you to make the most inform decision when the time is finally right. But also help foster amazing, results driven designer/client relationships.

So Let’s Dig Right In! Here Are THREE Things to Consider Before Working with a Brand Designer!

  1. Aesthetic of Brand Designer & Their Previous Work: This may be the most important aspect to consider. In theory, you should be in search for a brand designer who will be able to create a logo, website - or whatever type of collateral you are looking for - that blends your personality with what your target audience would be attracted to, seamlessly. Look for similarities in their client’s industries and the level of clientele they generally work with. You can generally find this in their portfolio as well as their Instagram account. - I’ve linked my own for reference.

  2. How The Designer Works: When thinking of how many different designers are available to you, you must consider how their brand process works. This is vital in making sure that there is a clear understanding of expectations and creating a healthy designer/client relationship. Take a look at their per project timeline, how many clients they take within a month or year and how frequently they keep you updated along the way. Another aspect to consider is whether the designer works with a team or solo. There may be positive and negatives, relating specifically to your project.

  3. Your Budget: This is something that I speak about during every consultation and 90% of business owners have no solid number behind what they are willing to spend around their brand. Mainly because they have no idea what building a brand entails. Once you’ve researched and found the designer that works for you, adjusting to meet their prices, should be less of a daunting task. Think about this when deciding to go for it: “What will it cost if you didn’t spend the money?”

  4. Leave Room for the Magic: I’m sure you are giving me a serious side eye right now. After all of those strategic tips to finding the right designer for your brand, you must think I’m crazy now asking you to let a little magic happen. Well, I’m not. Sometimes there is just a feeling. A tug in a certain direction. Don’t ignore that feeling. Don’t ignore those goosebumps you get when speaking with a specific designer. If you feel connected with them + have done your research…go for it. Some of my best projects have come from a feeling my clients expressed having when talking with me.

If you’ve ever worked with a designer and have a tip or two to add that really helped you when searching for a brand designer, leave a comment down below! I’d love to hear from you!

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