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Behind The Brand: Ashleigh Bing Photography

As many of you may know, Ashleigh Bing Photography has been capturing me on my entrepreneurial journey from the very beginning. In the fall of 2015, after viewing the wedding photos of one of my high school friends, I decided to take the jump and contact Ashleigh for my first ever photoshoot. The rest, as they say, is history!

For six years now Ashleigh has been sharing her passion of capturing the most important moments of one’s life and transforming them into stunning images that stand the test of time. Her talent is unmatched and it was an honor to help bring this new vision of Ashleigh Bing Photography to life.


It all started at The Rising Tide Society office in Annapolis, MD with this question: How do you want your brand to be perceived? Like many, I always propose this specific question to potential clients as a way to make them think. To think about not just what is happening with their business today but where they’d like their company to be in one, two…five years from. now.

I could see the question rolling around in her head a few times until she landed on a luxury wedding photographer who has the ability to book out for the year and make a six-figure income. She added “professional” and “timeless” but by then I had already moved on to what needed to happen. A complete re-brand, which included a name change.

Ashleigh was operating under Shoot Happens Photography…it’s a cute name right?! Absolutely! But I knew (and I think she did too) that if we really wanted to take her brand to the next level and match those key buzz words of luxury, professional and timeless, then there needed to be a change. From that moment on Ashleigh Bing Photography began its visual transformation.


To completely separate Shoot Happens from the new Ashleigh Bing Photography, we eliminated any distracting colors from the overall brand identity to allow the images to stand out. After all, that is the reason why she is in business. The reason that couples and entrepreneurs alike hire her. In the end it is always about the photos!

The mood board, classic with a bit of edge, showcased the feel of Ashleigh’s work and personality. One never competing with the other. The strong serif font, focused on the initials of the namesake brand offer a bold and classic statement. The simplicity of the logo allows easy transition between the various collateral items Ashleigh requested. From her business cards, to the branded Welcome Gift boxes for her wedding clients, to digital guides that offer more education and resources to her brides and grooms. It’s all intention and it all works.


This is my largest website buildout to date. There are so many amazing elements that Ashleigh and I collaborated on to make this stunning website one of my absolute favorites. From large, wide-set images - in place to further highlight Ashleigh’s work - to the subtle, yet impactful animation, the fully interactive Press/Features page (which we already have to update because of the amazing features over the past week. Haven’t heard the story yet, check out her interview with Inside Edition here)…the ABP website is one of a kind.

We’re still tracking the numbers and conversions rate but its safe to say that Ashleigh is on track to doubling her bookings for the upcoming wedding season.

Check out the full Ashleigh Bing Photography website here.

We worked together on capturing flat lays of her gorgeous client welcome gifts with treats from Sugar Studios.

These Packlane boxes gave the perfect final touch to the Ashleigh Bing Photography Welcome Gifts.

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